Minced meat stacks

Small stacks of minced meat with a baked cheese crust and the aroma of mushrooms are already asking for your plate. Delicious dish for the New Year's table.

Cooking time 1 hour


Minced pork 400 g

Fresh champignons 200 g

Cheese 100 g

Eggs 2 pcs

Onion 1 pc

Vegetable oil 2 tbsp. l.

Mayonnaise 1 tbsp l.

Greens (for decoration) to taste

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste


Finely chop the mushrooms and onion and fry in a pan with vegetable oil, 2-3 minutes.

Put the minced meat in a bowl.

Add salt and pepper.

Add the fried mushrooms.

Form into small balls and place on a baking sheet or in a mold.

Make hats from grated boiled proteins and mayonnaise.

Top with grated cheese.

Bake in the oven at 180 degrees C for 40 minutes.

Place the stacks on a platter with lettuce and vegetables.

Our minced meat stacks are ready. Can be served to the New Year's table.

Bon appetit! Happy New Year!