Cutlets "Delicate"

These juicy, tender and fragrant pork cutlets will be eaten so quickly that you won't even notice.

Cooking time 30 minutes


Pork pulp 200 g

Onion 1 pc

Egg 1 pc

Paprika 1/4 tsp

Wheat flour of the highest grade 2 tbsp. l.

Sunflower oil 40 pcs

Broccoli 150 g

Salt to taste


Put pieces of meat and chopped onion in a glass blender.

Turn on and make minced meat. Add the egg. Put the mass on a plate.

Add salt and paprika.

Mix well and make small patties with a spoon. Dried a little in flour, fry in a preheated pan with vegetable oil.

Fry until golden brown, turning over with a spatula.

Steam the broccoli. Place cutlets and broccoli on a plate.

Bon appetit!