Minced meat for cutlets

It is very simple to prepare minced meat for homemade pork cutlets.

Cooking time 20 minutes


Pork 1-1.5 kg

Bulb onions 200 g

Loaf simple (stale) 100 g

Egg 1 pc

Salt 1/2 tsp

Ground black pepper 1/4 tsp.


Cut the meat into pieces.

Peel the onion.

Twist the meat and onion in a meat grinder alternately.

Add twisted loaf.

Add egg, salt and pepper.

Mix the minced meat well.

Form patties with wet hands and place on a board. Next, we bread in breadcrumbs, fry or bake in the oven. You can cook cutlets for use by freezing on a board, and then transfer to a bag.

Bon appetit!