Homemade chicken breast basturma - natural jerky

Basturma - an oriental delicacy, is jerky, densely breaded with spices. The classic version of the recipe involves cooking this dish from beef tenderloin. The delicacy can also be prepared from lamb, horse meat, poultry, pork and fish. We offer you the simplest chicken basturma recipe, which can be very easy to make at home.

The recipe uses nitrite salt, which is mainly used in the preparation of sausages on an industrial scale. This food additive contains a harmless amount (0.6%) of nitrate and prevents the formation of bacteria on the surface of raw meat, improves its taste and aroma, and preserves the natural color of the product. We recommend that you purchase nitrite salt in its original packaging from a trusted manufacturer.

Weigh out the nitrite salt, put it on a flat plate.

Wash the chicken fillet, dry it, peel off the films. Dip the chicken in salt and leave for 15 minutes at room temperature.

Put the chicken fillet in a nylon dish, cover and leave in the refrigerator for two days.

Blot the fillet in a towel to remove excess liquid.

Put the spices on a flat plate. Roll the meat tightly in spices.

Put the meat piece on two or three layers of cheesecloth, wrap the free edges.

For drying, the meat can be hung or laid on a metal mesh. Dry fillets in a ventilated area for 3-5 days. The best temperature for drying is considered to be 12-14 degrees. Meat readiness is determined by a total weight loss of 14%.

The delicacy has a medium-salty taste and appetizing appearance. To serve, basturma is cut into thin transparent pieces with a sharp knife.

The use of spices in the recipe is used to improve the taste of the finished product and to prevent the top surface of the basturma from drying out. You can create your own flavorful compositions, however, we highly recommend chaman, a special jerky mix based on chopped fenugreek (fenugreek).