Vegetable assortment of cucumbers and tomatoes - the best recipe

Surely, every family has their own favorite blanks. The conservation season is in full swing. All markets are overflowing with bright and juicy vegetables, which means it's time to start harvesting vegetables for the winter. Prepare a delicious assortment of vegetables in 1 liter jars, which is practical for a small family. Pickled vegetables are in perfect harmony with any side dish, meat, especially fried and fish. This is a great snack for a holiday and a picnic.

Cooking time: 60 minutes, Output: 3 cans of 1 l.

For harvesting, buy small cucumbers and tomatoes so that they can fit more in a liter jar. Vegetables should be firm, with no signs of spoilage. And for long-term storage, sterilize vegetables and containers especially thoroughly. Read more options and details here.

Place all vegetables for canning in a bowl of cold water and leave for 1-2 hours. After, rinse well, drain the water and let the moisture move away.

Rinse the jars thoroughly with soda, rinse several times with cold water. Sterilize in microwave or over steam. Boil the lids for 7-10 minutes. Add dill, parsley, garlic, hot pepper, allspice, a mixture of peppers to a sterilized container.

Distribute all vegetables into prepared jars. Peel the bell peppers and cut into 4 pieces.

Boil water in a separate saucepan. Carefully pour the boiling water into the jars all the way to the top. Cover and let sit for 15 minutes. After the indicated time, drain the water into the sink and fill the jars with new boiling water. Leave for 15 minutes, then drain the water.

Next, prepare cucumber and tomato pickle:

Pour water into a saucepan, add salt and sugar, stir and bring to a boil, pour in vinegar and turn off the heat.

Pour the boiling marinade into jars and seal them tightly. Flip and wrap tightly. Leave to cool completely.

Store the workpiece from cucumbers and tomatoes in an apartment or cellar, preferably in a dark place where there are no sharp temperature fluctuations.

An assortment of vegetables for the winter can be marinated not only in liter jars, but also in larger containers.