Delicious pumpkin casserole with cheese - the easiest recipe

Pumpkin dishes are striking in their variety. This vegetable makes amazing desserts, pastries, soups and side dishes. Pumpkin with cheese baked under a cheese crust in the oven with the addition of garlic and aromatic herbs is simply amazing. Cooking takes a little time, the recipe is simple, accessible and straightforward.

For a casserole, you need a pumpkin with a low sugar content, as for other dietary pumpkin dishes. It is very easy to define it - the cut on the tail looks like an asterisk. When choosing cheese, give preference to low-melting varieties with a classic taste. Olive oil can be substituted for a vegetable equivalent. The amount of garlic and spices may vary.

Peel the pumpkin with a knife. Remove the inner flesh with a spoon.

Cut the vegetable into small cubes and place in a cooking bowl.

Salt and pepper the chopped pumpkin pieces, add dry spices.

Peel the garlic, grate on a fine grater, put in a bowl.

Add sour cream and olive oil, stir the mixture.

Put prepared pumpkin cubes with sour cream and spices in a baking dish. Flatten.

Grate cheese on a coarse grater, place on top of the pumpkin.

Bake the dish in the oven at 190 degrees until the pumpkin is browned and soft for about 35 minutes.

Gently transfer the baked pumpkin to a serving plate, garnish with fresh herbs, and serve.

You can complement the serving with spicy tomato sauce and fresh vegetable salad. It is better not to store the dish and not reheat it.

Pumpkin with cheese in the oven turns out to be tender, with a piquant taste, it can be used as a side dish or as an independent dish.