Radish salad with egg and herbs

Boil eggs, peel the celery stalk from the top skin.

Cut off the red barrel from several radishes, cut out hearts from the resulting plane, which will decorate the finished dish.

Cut the remaining radish into thin circles, 1 egg into semicircles, celery into thin slices.

Chop most of the onion and set aside (it will be needed to decorate the salad), chop the remaining greens coarser.

Combine chopped radishes, eggs, celery and herbs, season with butter, lemon juice. Salt.

Divide the second egg into halves, and the halves into 4 more slices.

Now place the salad in a heap in the center of the dish.

Attach the backs of egg slices to its gentle slopes, with the yolk outward. Fill the empty part of the sectors formed on the dish with previously chopped onions. Sprinkle the top of the salad with them. And now spread the radish hearts on this onion grass.

The salad turns out to be very fresh, tasty and effective due to the decoration.

Bon appetit!