French toast with egg and cheese for breakfast

For cheese lovers, another portion of delicious breakfast food is hot toast with scrambled eggs inside, which everyone can cook. French croutons look very appetizing, and they taste different from the usual ones. This French toast with egg and cheese will serve as a great breakfast, which can be cooked in a few minutes.

The ingredients are listed per serving. You can use chicken egg. Everything is simple here: cheese, egg, bread and sandwich are ready.

Egg and Cheese Toast Recipe

Cut the loaf into not very thick slices and cut a hole slightly larger than the size of a raw egg. It is advisable to use a fresh loaf of white bread.

In a non-stick skillet, melt the butter. Sprinkle with grated cheese, as shown in the photo, so that you can drive in an egg.

Place a slice of bread on top of the cheese and fry until the cheese turns golden.

Then remove the bread and sprinkle the remaining cheese over the size of the bread in the pan. Put back the cheese slice of bread, only turning it over. Drive a quail egg into the hole, add salt to taste and cover. Cook until the egg is covered with a light white film.

When ready, transfer to a plate, sprinkle with pepper and consume immediately.

Cheese makes the croutons soft, and the quail egg is a delicacy, all together, it is a delicious and nutritious breakfast with which you will forget about hunger for a long time.