Grapefruit Newburgh salad

This salad is a real fruit mix with yogurt. Healthy and delicious.

Cooking time 20 minutes


Grapefruit 1 piece

Pear 1 piece

Banana 1 pc

Apple (sweet and sour) 1 pc

Orange 1 piece

Kiwi 1 piece

Yogurt 150 g


Cut the grapefruit into halves and remove the pulp, peel.

Cut the pear and apple into cubes. Peel the orange, cut into slices and cut into pieces. Cut bananas in half rings. Kiwi in rings. We clean the grapefruit pulp from longitudinal skins and divide in small portions.

All fruits, except kiwi, are mixed and put in grapefruit halves.

Fill with yogurt.

We put kiwi rings on top. Put in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to soak. The fruit salad is ready.

You can also diversify it and make your own unique recipe for this salad, if you change the ingredients, add peaches, grapes, mangoes or a variety of nuts, candied fruits, dried fruits or berries.

Bon appetit!