Tropical fruit cocktail with yogurt

So much taste in one glass of a tropical cocktail, just an explosion of emotions. Peaches, oranges, mangoes and yogurt - all in one, well, what other drink could be tastier than this. If desired, the composition can be supplemented further, relying on personal taste, but believe me, these fruits are quite enough for unearthly pleasure. Such a fruit dessert with yogurt is admirable.

When available, fresh peaches can be used from seasonal fruits, although frozen ones are more susceptible to cold, this banana drink cools better and faster.

Tropical Fruit Yogurt Cocktail Recipe

Cut the mango and banana into small pieces and place in a blender. If you have a hand blender, be sure to put it in a deep container.

Begin whisking, at first on a slow speed, gradually increasing until smooth.

Then pour in orange juice, yogurt and honey. If the fruits used are of sweeter varieties, honey can be omitted. Scroll a little more with a blender and chill in the freezer.

This is an excellent dessert drink on a hot summer day. Products are always available. The simplicity is amazing, and the taste of the tropical cocktail with banana and yogurt is a pleasant surprise!