Beet and onion salad

We present to your attention a detailed recipe for the most common and easy-to-prepare salad of beets, onions and arugula leaves. With the use of beets, the salad turns out to be bright and appetizing, and we can talk endlessly about the properties that are present in this dish ...

An incredibly tasty and very simple salad made from healthy products, the composition of which can be adjusted according to your preference and taste.

Beet salad with onions and arugula leaves recipe with photo

To prepare beet salad, the first step is to thoroughly rinse the beets in water and boil for 40-50 minutes. When boiling, you should not peel the beets and cut off the tails.

And only after boiling, cut off the ends, peel and cut into rings. If the beets are large, they can be halved or cut arbitrarily, for example: into straws, but not finely.

Further, there must be white onions, they are less bitter. Peel, rinse and cut into not very thin rings.

The next step is to prepare the dressing: sprinkle salt, black allspice ground pepper into a deep small bowl, pour all this with vinegar and dissolve in it. Then add olive oil and stir.

Chop the parsley and arugula leaves in moderation finely. Collect all chopped ingredients in a salad bowl, pour over the prepared sauce.

Stir the salad thoroughly, add the arugula leaves and serve.

In addition to cooking, beets are widely used in medicine. Among its many invaluable benefits and healing properties, beets are endowed with anti-aging elements that are important for the health of bones, skin and arteries. Also, red beets are useful in case of loss of strength and depletion of the body.