Lula kebab on skewers

No need to go anywhere for a barbecue and overpay for something that can be easily cooked at home. Yes, you heard right, lula kebab can be cooked at home without much difficulty and expense. The process is so addictive that the idea of ​​a skewer will seem fascinating and very entertaining ...

To make lula kebab, you don't have to go far from home, put off business for the whole day and get out into nature. To have a picnic at home and make a delicious barbecue on skewers at home, it is enough to buy the necessary products, arm yourself with a frying pan and you can start ...

Lula kebab preparation recipe with photo

Before starting the main process, you should prepare the necessary products that we need to make a kebab:

First, cut the meat into pieces, chop the fat tail, chop the greens, chop the red pepper and finely chop the shallots. Immediately, prepare the red onion for the salad: cut into half rings and soak in cold water.

Chop the meat with two knives or a special hatchet for such purposes. Also, the meat can be scrolled in a meat grinder and then skip the onion. Combine meat, chopped fat tail, cilantro, basil, onion, hot peppers, add cumin and dried basil. Chop and stir again.

Salt, add a little allspice ground pepper, collect in a single lump and knead the minced meat firmly on the board several times, kneading it with your hands.

Divide the minced meat into 6 equal parts and roll into balls. Stringing wooden skewers onto minced meat balls, shape the kebabs into long cutlets, wet your hand in water in the process. Put ready-made kebabs in the refrigerator for half an hour.

In the meantime, wash the tomatoes and cucumbers, cut them like a salad, separate the mint sprigs, chop them, mix with yogurt and salt a little.

Turn on the oven. Grease a grill pan with oil and heat. Place the kebabs in a griddle pan and fry until golden brown. Then put in the oven for 5 minutes and cook at 160 degrees.

When ready, transfer to a separate bowl, put vegetables on the side and salt. Add the soaked onions, mint and cilantro, drizzle with the cooked dressing and toss the salad.

In the absence of a grill, you can use an ordinary frying pan, for this you need to pour a small amount of oil, warm it up, fry the kebab from all sides and simmer for a short time over medium heat. It is always tastier at home, an example of a kebab in a pan.