Potato pancakes or Draniki

The history of the origin of the potato begins in South America. Later he appeared in Europe, and only then he reached us. Potato pancakes are a constituent part of the cuisine of Western Europe, but pancakes are a type of vegetable pancakes, originally an invention of Belarusian cuisine. Now, which have already become dear to us, potato pancakes are prepared almost everywhere ...

In fact, there is nothing complicated here. Anyone can make potato pancakes if they just want to.

Potato pancakes recipe with photo

Let's start the process of making potato pancakes with the main component of our dish: peel all the potatoes, rinse and rub on a coarse grater.

Next, drive in two or three eggs for viscosity, finely chopped onions, combine with baking powder, put them on the potatoes, add nutmeg, salt and a mixture of ground peppers.

Without hesitation, mix everything thoroughly, otherwise the grated potatoes will drain the liquid and the mass will become liquid.

Pour part of the vegetable oil into the pan, heat and form small pancakes, bake in parts over medium heat until rosy-golden.

In the process, turning over, fry the other side and do it with the remaining mass of potatoes. Add oil if necessary.

If the potato mass turned out to be too liquid, it should be applied with a tablespoon, or better with a slotted spoon. The pancakes are ready.

Potato pancakes have high taste and nutritional qualities, they can be combined with sour cream or butter. For heightened taste, you can make applesauce by mixing with sugar.