Poppy seed quiche

For lovers of aromatic poppy pastries, this cake is a godsend. Everything is very simple and incredibly tasty. And it looks especially beautiful and unusual. The result exceeds all expectations and there will be no edge to everyone's delight ...

For baking, a form with a height of 3-4 cm, a diameter of 20-23 cm was used.And all the ingredients listed are designed for this ...

Detailed poppy cake recipe

First of all, you need to cook the custard, and for this you need to grind the egg yolks with powdered sugar and flour

In this case, you need to add sugar and flour in parts and gradually, whisking with a whisk or mixer until a homogeneous consistency

Next, heat the milk to room temperature, add sugar and vanilla powder, stirring, bring to a boil. Pour all this to the yolks and mix thoroughly

Then, pour the milk mixture with sugar back into the saucepan and continue to cook over medium heat until the cream thickens noticeably.

Pour in rum and stir well

First you need to cool, and then cover the mixture tightly with polyethylene and let it brew

The next step, you must first grind the poppy, then add to the completely cooled cream and stir

Well, then let's start preparing the dough: you need to rub butter with sugar and two tablespoons of rum

Add one egg and one egg yolk according to the ingredients

And gradually adding flour, knead the dough, cover with a film and let it brew

Divide the dough into three parts (one part a little less) and roll out each part separately. Then put in a special dish so that the edges of the dough hang down a little, and put poppy cream on top of the dough

Place the second part of the rolled dough on top and walk with a rolling pin while pressing lightly so that the edges are cut off

Need to pierce for steam circulation. Last but not least, cut flowers from the remaining dough and decorate the cake.

We send to the oven and bake at 160 degrees, about 40 minutes, until tender

Simple and delicious!