Chicken roll in the oven recipe

Probably, you can't think of a better snack. The process of making chicken rolls with a hearty filling is generally not difficult, at least the taste deserves to tinker and prepare this dish, which will be the most noticeable appetizer of your exquisite table. We hasten to declare that chicken roll in the oven is a completely simple and affordable dish that can be prepared quite simply and quickly.

Usually chicken roll is prepared from the loin, but as you have already noticed, we will cook from the legs, which is much cheaper and tastier.

To prepare this excellent dish, we need several large chicken hams, this can be from poultry. The meat must be cut along the bone to free the meat from the bones. Arrange the meat, as shown in the photos below, season with salt and pepper to taste.

Beat off the chicken with a little culinary hammer and sprinkle each piece with gelatin.

To prepare the filling, we need three eggs, - 2 boiled, and one raw. Finely chop two boiled hard-boiled eggs, transfer to a separate deep bowl, add pepper and carrots, previously grated on a fine grater.

Grate cheese, chop fresh herbs, combine with egg and mix everything thoroughly. Season with a little salt and pepper.

Place the prepared cheese and egg filling on the surface of the chopped meat.

Roll up gently into a roll, then wrap in three layers of foil and bake a chicken roll in the oven for 45 minutes at 180 degrees.

When ready, transfer the chicken rolls with the filling and allow to cool, then cool in the refrigerator. After that, you can already consume it.

You will simply fall in love with this dish. It is advisable to consume the snack the day after it is done, refrigerate and cut into thin slices. Chicken sausages will be an excellent meal for a festive table.

There can be almost any filling for a roll. The most common is chicken roll with cheese, and then with eggs and mushrooms. But, at the same time, the process remains unchanged, accessible and simple.