Pilaf recipe and video

Pilaf is a well-known dish of Central Asia, or rather, it is a visiting card of Uzbek cuisine, which was appreciated and loved by many peoples of the world. To continue the centuries-old history, several dozen varieties of pilaf recipes have emerged.

In the homeland of pilaf, samsa and many other famous dishes, where you can eat deliciously and not expensively, there are many ways and variations of pilaf cooking. Each region has its own differences, which have similar components, but at the same time different technology.

How to cook real Uzbek pilaf

Soak peas for a long time in cold water - for at least 12 hours, as well as pour rice with 2 liters of room temperature water, diluted with 1 tbsp. spoon with salt, 1 hour before cooking.

In the absence or inaccessibility of lamb, you can limit yourself to just beef.

Gourmet Festive Pilaf with Raisins and Chickpeas Recipe

Before starting the main process, also prepare the carrots and all other necessary ingredients for making pilaf.

In a large cauldron, fry the lamb and beef meat in boiling hot oil until golden brown.

Following the meat, lower the onion chopped into strips, stirring gently, fry until lightly browned.

Then add carrots cut into strips, top with swollen peas and raisins in order, pour 2 glasses of water, cover the cauldron and continue simmering over low heat - 30 minutes, until the carrots noticeably soften.

Free the rice from water and rinse several times with running water, then transfer to a cauldron and sprinkle with coriander, salt and black pepper on top.

Pour all this with a liter of hot water, steam with a closed lid over high heat - 5 minutes.

Stir only rice, put on moderate heat and cook, covered, simmering, until tender, 30 minutes.

When ready, put the sweet pilaf with raisins in a slide on a large dish, put the meat on top, pour the juice from the cauldron, sprinkle with finely chopped green onions, add the shredded radish and ripe tomato salad.

The process and principle of pilaf preparation most accurately reflects the characteristic features of Uzbek cuisine. Not a single holiday and traditional event is complete without pilaf, the presence of which is an obligatory attribute of any ceremony.

Next, we offer a video of the preparation of this wonderful dish, which clearly demonstrates the entire unique process. After watching the video, you will learn in practice how to cook real pilaf at home and what ingredients are needed for Uzbek pilaf.

Homemade pilaf video

Of course, pilaf is an invention of more than one generation, and in order to learn how to cook a real Uzbek pilaf, you need to have many years of experience and real practice behind your shoulder. But, we dare to reassure you, for this it is not necessary to finish the courses, all this can be learned at home.