Crab salad

The basis and highlight of this salad is the product that embodies the holidays. His taste, almost immediately fell in love with everyone. And this is despite the fact that crab sticks do not contain crab meat, they are artificially created from processed white fish protein and contain flavoring additives.

Crab salad is far from dietary. Actually, there is no benefit from it, but it does not harm health either. Any dish made from crab sticks is very simple to prepare and does not require any additional processing.

Crab Stick and Egg Salad - Step by Step Recipe

First you need to prepare all the necessary products, and then you can start the main process. Start by making a dressing for crab salad, and for this you need to squeeze out the juice and grate a little orange zest.

Put the mustard in a small deep cup, add oil, add a little salt and pepper. Pour in the squeezed juice and stir. Refueling is ready!

Boil hard-boiled quail eggs, cool in water, peel and cut into even 2 pieces

In the process of boiling eggs, prepare the onion: peel, rinse and cut into small cubes

Chop the crab sticks into medium random pieces

Transfer all chopped ingredients except eggs to a separate cup

And the final step: put the washed and dried lettuce leaves in a serving dish, top with crabs and onions, pour generously with mustard dressing and garnish with chopped quail eggs

Festive Crab Salad is ready!