Cheesecakes with chocolate filling

Children will be especially happy with this food, although adults will enjoy it with pleasure. Cheesecakes with a surprise in an unusual breading will suit everyone's taste. A little experience and time and from ordinary products, and even without much effort you can create such an exquisite dessert with a sweet filling

Cheesecakes with chocolate covered with oatmeal

Combine cottage cheese with an egg, add half a glass of semolina, the same amount of sugar and half a packet of vanillin. Mix all ingredients thoroughly until smooth. Divide the finished dough into small balls weighing about 40 grams

Divide the chocolate bar into pieces by the bars. It is advisable to use dark chocolate.

Lightly press the curd dough divided into balls with your fingers and flatten, put a piece of chocolate in the center, pull the edges of the dough to the center and pinch.

Breaded dough with filling in oatmeal

Give the appropriate shape in the form of small syrniki of the same size

Pour about 30-50 grams of vegetable oil into a frying pan, heat it up, put cheese cakes and fry on both sides

Cook the curd cakes like cutlets until a blush crust forms on the surface

When ready, remove on a napkin, let the oil stand and cool

Serve chocolate cheesecakes with tea