Pancakes with apple filling

To brighten the day and cheer up loved ones, regardless of the season, we suggest preparing thin pancakes with delicious fruit filling in the morning. The appetizing aroma of pancakes and the smell from the kitchen will wake everyone up and thus Sunday morning will become noticeably bright

Of course, in addition to apples, pancakes can be stuffed with any other sweet filling of berries and fruits, or filled with homemade jam. And besides, pancake dough can be made from fruits and vegetables and baked from such a base, for example, pumpkin pancakes and served with fresh sour cream.

Making pancakes with apple filling recipe with photo

Break the eggs into a deep bowl, add sugar, salt and beat with a whisk until the sugar dissolves and a light foam forms. Then add milk and mix everything. Next, sifting over a cup, gradually add flour and continue beating until a homogeneous liquid consistency. The pancake dough is ready! But it is desirable, when ready pancake dough, to cover and put into the refrigerator for 1 hour.

In between, you need to peel the apples, cut the core and cut into small cubes. Heat the oil in a frying pan, put the chopped apples, sprinkle everything with sugar and simmer for a short time, until the apple pieces are slightly softened, while stirring all the time

After tincture, beat the pancake dough thoroughly again, and only then bake, pouring with a spoon in small portions on both sides. Remove the finished pancakes in a separate bowl and while hot, the surface of the pancakes should be greased with a piece of butter

Next, we will stuff our pancakes, and for this we put softened apples in the middle and roll them up

And the last step: Sprinkle thin stuffed pancakes with powdered sugar or pour over honey and serve.

You can add a little aromatic cinnamon to the filling to apples and other fruits.