Chicken fillet with vegetables in a slow cooker

Whatever dish you cook, a multicooker will greatly facilitate the process. As in our case, I laid the chicken fillet, some vegetables and whatever you think is necessary. I closed the lid, programmed the rest of the technical matter. As a result, we get a tender and juicy dish with all the nutritional properties.

As a side dish, you can cook absolutely any side dish for a dish, for example mashed potatoes, buckwheat porridge or boiled pasta are perfect

Chicken fillet in a creamy sauce in a slow cooker

1. Take care and prepare in advance all the necessary products that need to be rinsed and cleaned. Well, the first thing to do: cut the breasts into small pieces

2. Cut carrots and onions into strips. If the carrots are too small, it is advisable to use in the amount of two pieces

3. Pour oil into a slow cooker, first put the chicken fillet, and on top of it the chopped vegetables. Season with paprika and a little salt. Set the baking mode and cook without closing the lid for 10 minutes

4. During this time, the vegetables should noticeably soften and thus saturate their meat with juice. Then add flour and cream diluted in water and close the lid tightly and continue cooking in the same mode for another 15 minutes

5. Serve the dish sprinkled with chopped fresh herbs, onions and with a pre-cooked side dish, recipes for which you can find on our website

The total cooking time of chicken fillet in sauce, together with the preparation of products, takes no more than 50 minutes, or even less