Crab salad with seaweed

Crab salad is the simplest holiday salad. Together with seaweed, the dish looks very impressive, and the taste turns out to be naturally light, which will seem a little to the assembled guests and they will kindly ask for additives, and some - several times.

If desired, eggs can be omitted and thereby make the salad less high in calories. And the seaweed itself can be eaten quite a lot at a time and at the same time remain hungry, with eggs the dish turns out to be much satisfying.

Salad with crab sticks and seaweed

Prepare all the necessary products: pre-boil the eggs and cool, it is recommended to use mayonnaise at home

Crab sticks should not be cut very finely, you can use long strips. Cut the eggs into medium pieces.

For convenience, you need to chop the seaweed a little with a knife, otherwise it will hang from the fork, or the salad itself will run out very quickly.

Collect all ingredients in a dish and stir. You can first add mayonnaise and then mix, or you can just top it up. Actually, this is where the preparation ends.

If there are a lot of guests, then it is advisable to cook such a dish in slightly larger proportions. Crab salad with seaweed, as mentioned above, turns out to be light and very tasty, it may not be enough for everyone.

Recipe tip:

- Actually, seaweed salad goes well with many pickled and canned foods. It will be just right if the composition is supplemented with corn.

- To please everyone, especially those who prefer less high-calorie food, you can not chop the eggs finely, but just divide them into larger pieces and put them in a salad separately as a decoration.

- Sea cabbage, as a rule, is of three types: mainly canned, frozen and dried. In our case, the first was used.

- Many types of algae, including seaweed, are used as a remedy and are widely used in many dietary dishes.