Puff salad with chicken and mushrooms

As an option, we offer a festive and very original layered salad with chicken, mushrooms and Korean carrots. In this non-tricky way, you can accurately please absolutely everyone, because, among other things, a salad with mushrooms is an excellent appetizer that sets you up for a holiday.

Additionally, for decoration you will need: fresh parsley, one egg and a small tomato

Festive Chicken Breast Salad with Mushrooms and Korean Carrots

First you need to boil the chicken breast in herb broth or stew it in a pan. When ready to cool, cut into small pieces and put in the bottom layer in a flat dish.

Spread on top with mayonnaise, about one and a half tablespoons and put the chopped pickled mushrooms in a second layer.

Brush with mayonnaise and lay out the Korean carrots. It is advisable to cut the carrots too, otherwise it will reach for the fork.

Also, grease a layer and evenly place hard-boiled eggs grated on a coarse grater.

And the last layer: after smearing with mayonnaise again, sprinkle with grated cheese on the surface of the salad.

In theory, the flaky salad is already ready, but in order to give a festive look, you can decorate it in the following way: spread all the remaining mayonnaise on top of the cheese, spread the parsley sprigs, and cut a flower from the eggs and tomato, as shown in the photo.

Thus, we have given the salad an original and festive look. Mushroom Puff Salad and Korean Carrots can be served as an appetizer that is hearty with chicken and so much mayonnaise.

Recipe tip:

- Almost any mushrooms are suitable for salads. In our case, canned butter was used, but pickled mushrooms are best suited.

- The ingredients of the puff salad can be any and you can change them at your discretion, for example, you can replace chicken meat with canned fish, and mayonnaise with sour cream.

- In this set of products for the salad, you can include boiled potatoes, which makes the dish taste different and makes it even more satisfying.