Custard Profiteroles

Profiteroles are very tasty French pastries made from choux pastry, classically with a creamy filling. Unlike eclairs, which are filled with exclusively sweet creams, meat pates, all kinds of salads are put in the inside of the profiteroles and served as a snack for hot dishes.

As you can see, airy custard cakes, like eclairs, are not particularly demanding on products, the ingredients are the simplest that can be bought in any store, and most importantly, the end result will delight all lovers of this French pastry.

We offer a classic version of making profiteroles with custard and creamy milk sweet filling. We will present the whole process in as much detail as possible with step-by-step photographs.

French cakes profiteroles with sweet filling

Pour water into a deep saucepan, put half a teaspoon of salt, add butter divided into small pieces and over low heat, stirring all the time and not boiling, combine the oil in water. We shift from the stove and let cool to room temperature.

In a separate bowl, combine the softened butter with eggs, add flour and knead a not very thick dough until smooth.

Put the finished custard dough into a pastry bag and squeeze small pieces of cream through a special nozzle onto the surface of the baking sheet, forming profiteroles.

Try to stack the pieces at a distance from each other. And at the end, we send to bake in a preheated oven for about 15-20 minutes, at a temperature of 180-200 degrees. Do not open the oven during the process!

As soon as the pastries are noticeably browned, remove and let the cakes cool. Try not to press hard until it cools.

Making the custard

Mistakenly, most people think that custard, like the dough itself, is difficult and capricious to prepare. In fact, everything is quite simple, the main thing is to do everything right and follow the instructions.

In a small bowl, grind sugar, vanillin and a tablespoon of flour with eggs until the mixture turns white.

Then pour the milk and stir it all the time with a whisk over low heat until the mass begins to thicken.

Remove the cream from the stove, add 50 grams of butter according to the ingredients and continue beating until a homogeneous thicker state.

This completes the custard preparation process.

Further, we cut the already cooled cakes across, as shown in the photo and fill with custard.

Lightly press down on the baking surface and fix it, which is facilitated by the dense custard. More often the filling is filled with more, thereby emphasizing the cream.

Airy profiteroles with custard base and cream turn out to be extremely delicate and pleasant to the taste.