Puff pastries with sausage and cheese

With its variety and taste, puff pastry always pleases the eye and looks solemn. The sausage and cheese puff pastry is a delicious dish that can be whipped up with just about any filling. Puff pastry pies are airy and crispy, which absolutely everyone will like.

We offer the easiest way to prepare puffs. There is no need to prepare special filling. Let's do it easier: add a small piece of sausage of any kind and a slice of high-quality semi-hard cheese as a filling, which will give the puff pastry a soft and piquant taste.

In this recipe, purchased without yeast puff pastry was used. If you wish, you can knead the dough yourself; you can find the recipe for making puff pastry on our website.

Puff pastry cakes

Unfold the roll with the finished dough, sprinkle a small amount of sifted flour on the work surface, lay out the rolled dough and cut 4 rectangles, as shown in the figure.

Place slices of thinly sliced ​​cheese and ham on half of each rectangular dough.

Cover the filling with the other half and use a fork or fingers to pinch the edges of the baked goods.

Line a baking sheet with special baking paper and lay out the puff pastries with filling.

It remains to grease the surface of the baking with beaten egg yolk, and then send it to a preheated oven. Cook at 180 degrees, about 30 minutes, until golden brown

After the puff pastry pies are ready, you can immediately serve them, which is recommended to be consumed without cooling.

Hints and tips for recipe:

- These pastries can be prepared with almost any filling. The most popular pie fillings are meat, potato, cabbage and mushroom fillings. Also, all kinds of preserves, jams and marmalades are used as a filler. Children especially love pies with sweet filling.

- You should know that baked goods from puff yeast-free dough are light, airy, brittle and crunchy, and pies made of puff yeast dough are much softer, soft and fluffy.

- If you decide to use frozen fruits as a filling for pies, which are more often used in winter, then you should not defrost them. It will be enough to pour boiling water over the frozen berries and fruits and free them from the seeds.

- In the absence of parchment paper, it is recommended to generously grease the baking sheet with softened and ghee.