Omelet roll with cheese

If you have ever tried an omelet with cheese, the expressive taste of which cannot be forgotten, then you know exactly what such a dish is and, of course, when you see an egg roll with cheese, you begin to experience ambiguous emotions. And if you also add slices of fried bacon or ham here, then your breakfast will be complete and quite satisfying.

As a filler, you can use any sausages, boiled beef, chicken, or cook an omelet with mushrooms. This step-by-step recipe can be safely supplemented with products of your choice, for example, add bell peppers, put more chopped fresh herbs and enhance the taste with dry spices, as well as allspice.

Egg roll with cheese recipe with photo

Drive the eggs into a deep bowl, pour about a glass of milk and salt.

Stir milk and eggs thoroughly. Then, gradually adding flour, beat until smooth and homogeneous.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Pour the beaten eggs onto a baking sheet and top with the finely chopped tomato, onions and bacon pieces.

Send the milk omelet to the preheated 180 gr. oven for 15 minutes. Sprinkle the surface of the omelet with grated hard cheese in 2 minutes until cooked.

Transfer the finished omelet with bacon from the oven and wrap in a roll. Hold with your hands for a minute so that the cheese cools slightly and in this way fix the shape.

Serve omelet roll with cheese as an independent breakfast dish or as an unusual appetizer for a festive table.

Recipe tip:

- Breakfast will become noticeably more satisfying and naturally tastier if you add zucchini, seasonally eggplants and cauliflower, after frying them in butter.

- Classic omelet with cheese goes well with almost any cheese, it is advisable to use a high-quality one that is easy to melt.

- Eggs are beaten not only in milk, you can use sour cream, cream or even yoghurts. This makes the dish even softer and gets a creamy taste.