Olivier salad - a selection of the best recipes

One of the symbols of the New Year's feast is the Olivier salad, which no matter how best suits the winter holidays. The excellent combination of ingredients and the availability of products have made the dish so popular that now meat salad with mayonnaise is prepared everywhere, especially during the winter New Year holidays.

This version of Olivier's New Year's salad is also called "Soviet", and this recipe is considered correct and original. It was with such a set of products, the abundance of which was especially noticeable on New Year's Eve, that a festive salad was prepared in the once united large country.

Classic Olivier recipe with photo

Boil potatoes and carrots in salted water until tender. Try not to boil it, it is better not to boil it slightly so that the vegetables do not fall apart when slicing and stirring.

Further, it is recommended to cool, then cut them into not too small cubes.

Divide the boiled eggs into steep ones as well as vegetables.

Place all the chopped ingredients in a deep bowl, add the pickled cucumber and canned green peas, cut into pieces.

It remains to add chopped onion and dill, season with mayonnaise, salt to taste and combine the products.

An incredibly simple and at the same time very tasty salad can be quickly prepared for a festive table, which actually explains the popularity of this dish.

Olivier with chicken

Trying to diversify the diet, many variations were invented, and one of them is Olivier with chicken. In general, the dish does not differ significantly from the classic one, in this case the sausage is replaced with chicken fillet. But the taste and presentation of the salad is quite impressive.

Boil the chicken in the broth and cut 200 grams of fillets into small pieces.

Prepare all other ingredients as shown above and collect all chopped food in a large bowl.

You can add a romantic look to the salad in the following way: randomly lay the cut food in layers in glass glasses, top with mayonnaise as the last top layer.

Unusual serving is always impressive, and such dishes look very impressive. Even the most common salad, which has become familiar for a long time, can be beautifully decorated and served in a new way.

Tongue salad step by step

For gourmets who prefer delicacies, we offer a recipe for Olivier with beef tongue, which gives the salad a completely different taste and such a festive meal takes on a completely different shade.

Prepare the necessary products: in this case, we will use beef tongue as meat, replace pickles with fresh ones and add a couple of garlic cloves.

In advance, you need to boil your tongue in salt water with herbs and all kinds of spices. Then remove the top skin and cut into pieces.

Divide potatoes, carrots, eggs and fresh cucumber into small pieces.

Moderately tightly collect all products in a special form in an arbitrary layer.

Then, release it from the mold and pour mayonnaise on top.

Now you know how to prepare and decorate Olivier salad in a festive way. Thus, by replacing or supplementing the list of ingredients, you can beautifully and tasty celebrate the New Year with your favorite dishes.