Homemade pepper adjika

A good snack is the guarantee of a fun and long feast. And for lovers of special sensations, there will be a spicy adjika made from peppers, cooked according to a home recipe, which can also be prepared for the winter. Real adjika is a mixture of peppers and herbs.

The classic adjika recipe is made mainly from red hot pods and sweet bell peppers, plus garlic, herbs and salt. Tomatoes are not included in the traditional recipe, although they are present in the store.

How to make adjika - homemade recipe

Cut off the stalks from the peppers, free from seeds. This must be done with special gloves.

Chop the garlic and aromatic spices. You can also use fresh herbs.

Thoroughly turn all the ingredients in a food processor until fine. Do not turn into porridge.

According to the idea, the pepper appetizer is ready and can be consumed, but for preservation, all chopped foods should be simmered for a short time in a pan in a small amount of oil - 10 minutes, over low heat. Such heat treatment is necessary for long-term storage, otherwise the product will be perishable, even if you keep it in the refrigerator. Then, hot, it is placed in sterilized jars and screwed on with a lid. Home adjika for the winter is stored for 2 years, but no more.

Remember that real adjika should be very spicy, pungent, made from a mixture of peppers, without tomatoes or any other vegetables. Not to be confused with tomato sauce, unless you can compare it with the domestic "Ogonyok", which is prepared according to a different recipe.