Chicken roll "Cordon Blue" in creamy sauce

Oh, these meat rolls - it is difficult to resist their appearance, and if they also have any filling, then it turns into a pleasure that is difficult to refuse. Chicken roll with cheese and ham in a creamy sauce is an excellent appetizer with an extraordinary mild taste.

In the original Cordon Blue recipe, it is meant to cook in breadcrumbs, roll in breadcrumbs, but we will act a little differently and skip this step, which makes the dish itself worse. And those who like to bake can cook rolls in the oven, experimenting in the process.

Chicken rolls with sausage and cheese

Cut the chicken fillet crosswise into two pieces, beat them separately with a hammer. Pepper and salt a little. Then add thinly sliced ​​ham slices.

The next step, on top of the slices of sausage that lie on the broken breasts, put a layer of thin slices of cheese.

We wrap everything in a roll and fix it with skewers so that they do not unfold.

Heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan and lightly fry the chicken rolls with cheese and sausage.

In the process, turn over and continue frying over medium heat. The approximate frying time is a minute or two.

Next, pour the cream into the pan, squeeze the peeled garlic cloves onto the rolls, salt and pepper if necessary and to taste.

Sprinkle with chopped greens and continue to cook the meat rolls in a creamy sauce over low heat, simmering slowly, until the cream evaporates a little.

For a side dish, you can steam rice or simply serve chicken rolls with ham and cheese with fresh vegetables.