Meat cabbage rolls with rice

Is it worth it to embark on the explanation that each housewife has her own proven method of cooking cabbage rolls. Someone stews them in just one sauce, and someone with additional vegetables. There are also a lot of those who bake delicious cabbage rolls with meat and rice in the oven. Let's take a look at the most common recipe.

To make cabbage rolls tasty and keep their shape well, you need to choose a good cabbage. The head of cabbage should be fresh and undamaged, without any cracks or specks. Slightly flattened cabbage is best suited, as in it the leaves adhere more evenly to each other and have an almost perfect oval shape. Green cabbage is particularly tender and flexible, and white cabbage has a more rigid structure, however, it is stored longer and in the cold season it is preferable to purchase it.

How to make delicious cabbage rolls with meat and rice

First, wash the head of cabbage thoroughly and remove the top leaves, then remove the stump with a sharp knife, dip the forks into boiling water for 1 minute so that the top leaves soften.

The main thing is not to overexpose, otherwise the cabbage will digest and roll cabbage rolls will not work. Separate the top leaves and return the head to the pot. Repeat the process until you reach the end of the head.

Carefully cut off the most protruding part of the leaves with a sharp knife or slightly beat off with a special hammer.

Cooking meat filling with rice

The classic version of the filling includes minced meat and rice, you can add finely chopped fried onions and stewed carrots. The most delicious minced meat comes from a combination of beef and pork or pork and chicken fillet.

Boil rice until half cooked and mix with minced meat. Add black pepper and salt. Each housewife determines the exact proportion for herself independently, but the classic recipe consists of 1 kg. cabbage, 500 pounds of minced meat, 100 gr. raw rice and one large onion.

Instead of white rice, you can use brown unpeeled, buckwheat or millet, and also add a little fried mushrooms to taste - champignons, boletus or honey mushrooms.

To make vegetarian cabbage rolls or lean cabbage rolls, you can use only mushrooms mixed with cereals and fried onions instead of minced meat.

In addition to black pepper, you can add a pinch of nutmeg, dried or fresh ginger, Provencal herbs or rosemary to the filling.

We wrap cabbage rolls

Spread the cabbage leaf on a platter or plank, put 2-3 tablespoons of minced meat, level and shape the filling.

Start rolling from the bottom, then wrap the sides and roll them up in an envelope so that they do not unfold when stewing. Repeat with the rest of the leaves.

At the bottom of a saucepan with a thick bottom, place the smallest cabbage leaves, raw carrots cut into slices and place cabbage rolls on top.

Pour them with water or broth mixed with white wine and tomato juice, and then simmer under the lid for 45-60 minutes.

In 15 min. until finished, pour in the sauce and continue cooking until cooked through.

Cooking stuffed cabbage sauce with rice

The classic basic sauce recipe includes fried onions and carrots, tomato paste and sour cream, mixed in a 1: 2 ratio. You can add finely chopped garlic, replace the sour cream with cream or yogurt, and add 10 ml. lemon juice.