Fried pies with egg and green onions

Very tasty pies with egg and green onions fried in butter are obtained, they are especially good when still warm. They can be quickly whipped up for dinner with yeast dough. Homemade egg-filled fried pies are hearty and inexpensive food to take with you.

In this recipe, purchased dough was used, but if you know how to make yeast dough at home or yeast pastry pastry, you can cook it yourself according to a simple recipe.

Onion and Egg Patties - Recipe Step by Step

Remove the wilted layers from the green onions, cut off the stems and tips. Then rinse and slice like a salad.

Boil hard-boiled eggs, cool and peel. Grind with a fork or spoon.

In a deep bowl, combine the green onions with chopped eggs, add salt and allspice to taste.

Divide the finished yeast dough into the intended pieces, round slightly and roll them into a thick cake.

Place the required amount of filling, counting, on one pie, 2 tablespoons of the filling. Connect the edges, pinching them with your fingers, form an elongated pie.

In a skillet with hot oil, fry the pies on both sides in batches, until golden brown.

Transfer the finished fried pies with egg and onions to a basket with a napkin, let the oil stand and wait until it cools.

Pies are served slightly warm, with sour cream, ketchup or homemade spicy garlic sauce made from fresh tomatoes.