Cottage cheese pie with apples and coconut filling

Open cottage cheese pie with apples and crispy caramel is a great fruit dessert with a sweet filling and tender base. As a filling, you can use not only fruits, but also sweet canned foods. The sweet curd dough pie is an easy homemade baked product from the available ingredients.

Cottage cheese pies are loved by everyone. They can be prepared from almost any fruit, including exotic ones, and bake an amazingly delicious dessert with lime filling.

Cottage cheese pie with fruit and caramel recipe

Grind butter and sugar, without ceasing to beat, add eggs one by one, stir in cottage cheese, sift flour and add baking powder. Knead out a sticky dough that is not dense. Roll out and transfer into a round shape with a diameter of 21 cm, having previously greased the bottom with oil. Form sides with a height of 3-4 cm.

Rinse the apples, cut the stalks, peel and cut the core. Cut into wedges and pour over the lemon juice so that the fruit does not darken.

To prepare caramel on the fire, heat the butter, grind the sugar, add fresh milk and stir all the time until the sugar is completely dissolved. Add coconut flakes, boil and leave to cool.

Lay the sliced ​​apple slices in an even layer on the prepared mold with curd dough.

After the glaze has cooled completely, pour it into the mold so that the mixture does not overflow over the sides of the dough.

Bake curd pie with fruits and caramel in a preheated oven for 30-40 minutes, at a temperature of no more than 200 degrees.

When ready, remove the open curd dough pie from the oven and wait until it cools completely.