Knysh pies with potatoes

Introducing another option for making everyone's favorite pastries. Belarusian knyshi - pies with various fillings, in our case with potatoes, the recipe is interesting because they are first wrapped in a roll and only then cut into small pieces, from which pies are formed.

Classic knysh are cooked with curd filling, but today we will cook pies with potatoes in the oven in the most usual way, only in a slightly different interpretation.

How to make potato pies


Pour warm water, oil and vinegar into a deep bowl, add one egg, salt and stir. Sift flour over a bowl, knead the dry yeast and knead into a soft pie dough. Cover with a towel and let it brew for 1 hour.

Peel potatoes, divide into large wedges and open in salted water with bay leaves - 20 minutes. Cut the onions into small cubes and lightly fry in a pan with butter. In a separate bowl, collect boiled potatoes, sautéed onions, add butter, salt and pepper to taste. Knead everything until smooth.

Roll out the pie dough into a not very thin layer and lay out all the cooked potato filling from one edge.

Starting from the stuffed edge, without pressing or tightening strongly, wrap the dough in a long roll.

Gently divide the stuffed roll with potatoes into even pieces, 6-7 cm in size.

Pressing down slightly, fasten one edge tightly so that the filling does not fall out, and on the other side, simply pull it to the center, loosely fasten it so that a small hole remains.

Exactly in the center, where the hole was left, press down the baking a little so that the pies take on a beautiful appearance and stability.

Transfer the knicks with potatoes to a baking sheet, pre-spread with parchment paper and grease the baking surface with egg yolk. Bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees - 40 minutes.

As soon as the pies are browned and light steam emanates from the filling, this means that the baked goods are ready.