Manty with meat recipe

Manty stuffed with meat is a dish of real gourmets, connoisseurs of taste and hearty food. These branded steamed dumplings have recently gained wide popularity due to their festive look and unusual taste. Meat Manti is the best you can cook for your guests and feed your family to their fill.

They are prepared with a variety of fillings. An equally popular version of manti with pumpkin, but today we will consider the classic one with meat filling. It is worth noting that delicious manti is obtained only when a huge amount of onion is added to the minced meat, and this rule should not be neglected. During the cooking process, the onion evaporates, drains the juice and ceases to be noticeable, thus it feeds the filling all the time, as a result of which the dish turns out to be juicy and incredibly tasty.

How to cook manti with meat

The first thing to do is to make a classic dough for manti, just like on dumplings. To do this, pour warm water into a deep bowl, dilute salt and one egg in it. Add flour and knead to a moderately firm dough. Roll into a ball, cover and let it brew - 20-30 minutes.

Meanwhile, while the dough is resting, you need to prepare the meat filling for the manti: Cut the meat into small cubes. It would not be bad if you buy white pulp, beef or lamb fat, which is used for barbecue. Also chop the onions, put in a deep bowl, add salt and allspice ground black pepper, if you have, sprinkle with cumin and stir everything.

Knead the prepared dough again, round and roll out into a thin layer. The thinner, the closer to ideals, which means tastier. Divide the layer into squares, measuring 15x15 cm, lay them out on the work table and put one tablespoon of minced meat in the center.

In order to mold the manti correctly, you must first cross the first two opposite sharp corners and pinch them in the center, then the remaining two, in the same way.

Then pull up and connect the two side ears. Pinch them as tightly as possible so that the form does not disintegrate during the cooking process.

Place them in a special steamer, place them in oiled trays, pour water into the lower pan and boil separately, and then put the upper part, close the lid and boil the manti for a couple of 45 minutes.

It should be noted that steam food is primarily useful for those who care about health, are on a diet and try to combine useful with pleasant. Procooking better preserves the possible vitamins and nutritional properties of the food.

You learned how to cook manti with meat, and how to make it more useful - it depends on the filling and the products used.