Veal meatballs with gravy

The most delicious and juicy veal meatballs with gravy are obtained by adding a few vegetables to the minced meat, sprinkling them with spices and stewing them in tomato sauce. Having absorbed all the juices, the cutlets turn out to be magnificently tender, which will enchant the whole family with their taste.

In order to make the taste of the dish more pronounced, we recommend adding specific spicy herbs to the minced meat, which enhance the aroma, and also do not forget about garlic. And for a change, you can make turkey meatballs, with a completely different taste.

Minced meatballs in tomato sauce

The very first step is to gently cook the minced meatballs. To do this, cut the onions into small cubes as possible.

In one bowl, collect the prepared minced veal, egg and chopped onion. Add salt and pepper and stir.

Wet your hands and form the meatballs into a round shape. The size does not really matter, in our case, a little more than a walnut.

Heat olive oil in a large frying pan, place the meatballs there and fry them on all sides - 2-4 minutes, until a light crust forms.

Pour broth on top, add tomato paste, you can also sprinkle half a teaspoon of sugar to add sophistication to the taste.

Simmer over medium-medium heat, not allowing the broth to simmer, until tender. Approximately 7-8 minutes.

Gently transfer the meatballs to a heat-resistant form, pour the contents of the pan on top and send to the hot oven.

Cook minced meatballs in the oven for no more than 15 minutes, keeping the temperature at 180 degrees.

When ready to transfer, let the heat settle and immediately before serving, sprinkle the dish with chopped feta cheese and chopped parsley.

By this principle, you can cook many minced meat dishes.