Original appetizer: Stuffed eggs with fish

Stuffed eggs with filling - an easy and quick snack for a buffet table. Ideal to diversify the menu and embellish the holiday. Such an original dish can be prepared in between times, in a short period of time, for this it is enough to boil eggs and fill them with something tasty.

Recently, it has become fashionable to serve unusual snacks to the table, and not necessarily expensive ones. From the most common and affordable products, you can prepare an original holiday treat, which will certainly make a splash. Depending on the imagination of the hostess, the egg filling can be made from any ingredients. This time we suggest stuffing eggs with herring.

Herring stuffed eggs recipe

Boil hard-boiled chicken eggs, cool and peel. First, divide into even halves, remove the yolks and transfer to a separate bowl.

Pour sour cream or high-quality mayonnaise to the yolks. Add the chopped fish fillet pieces and stirring everything, mash with a fork until smooth.

If it turns out that sour cream is not enough, then you can add more. As a result, the filling should be smooth and stable.

Season the herring filling with sour cream allspice, stir again thoroughly.

Spoon onto the egg whites. We decorate the snack bars with stuffed eggs with parsley leaves and serve them festively.

Simple, original and delicious!