Stewed cabbage with mushrooms in a slow cooker

We present the simplest and most delicious dish with a minimum of products and costs. Braised cabbage with mushrooms is a versatile lean food that can be prepared all year round and served as a side dish or as an independent dish. And most importantly, stewing cabbage with mushrooms in a slow cooker is very simple, like any other food. And this is a completely satisfying dish, because mushrooms are popularly revered as forest meat, only of plant origin given by nature itself.

And if there is no fresh cabbage at home, it can be replaced with sauerkraut, and grated carrots and potatoes, if desired, can be added to the dish. And those looking for a more filling meal can add meat and sauté it with plant-based foods. And how to cook cabbage with meat, read the previous recipes.

Stewed cabbage with mushrooms - recipe step by step

Pour oil into the multicooker bowl and put onions cut into half rings first, add tomato paste, pepper and salt. Stir everything thoroughly.

The next layer is to put sauerkraut and mushrooms, cut into medium pieces. Our recipe uses champignons, which are not whimsical to prepare and can be used canned out of season.

Add fresh cabbage chopped into strips, pour a glass of boiled water, or better broth, put bay leaves and sprinkle with dry aromatic herbs to taste.

Close the lid of the multicooker, set the "Stew" mode, set the timer for 1 hour first, and then thoroughly mix all the ingredients and continue cooking in the same mode for the same amount until the cabbage softens and the mushrooms are ready.

According to this recipe, you can stew cabbage with mushrooms in a regular frying pan, and serve them as a vegetable garnish for meat. And also, the dish can be used as a filling and make the most delicious cabbage pies that can be baked in the oven or fried in oil.