Chicken chops in the oven

Poultry meat is considered dietary, easy to digest and has excellent taste. Oven-baked chicken chops retain most of these properties, the meat is baked evenly and produces fewer harmful fragments than cooked food on the stove.

If you want the chicken chops to turn out juicy and tender, to caress the taste and melt in your mouth, and so that your baked chicken always arouses everyone's admiration - for this you need to first marinate the meat in a special sauce for cutlets.

Baked chicken chops in honey mustard marinade

The first step is to prepare the honey mustard marinade. To do this, combine warmed honey, a small amount of butter, mustard, mayonnaise with chopped garlic and spices in a deep bowl.

Rinse the chicken fillet and pat dry with a towel. Cut the breasts lengthwise with a sharp knife, each into 2 pieces and beat lightly with a special hammer. Salt separately if necessary.

Next, put the beaten off chicken breasts in a separate bowl, pour the prepared hot honey-mustard sauce, stir and marinate for 2 hours.

Cover the baking sheet with parchment paper and put the pickled meat in a row on it. Pour the remaining marinade on top of the breasts and send to the preheated oven.

We bake chicken cutlets in the oven for 40 minutes, maintaining a constant oven temperature of 180 degrees.

As soon as the surface of the meat is noticeably browned and forms an appetizing crust, remove from the oven and serve, seasoned with ketchup or any other tomato sauce.

In exactly the same way, you can cook chicken chops in a pan, the recipe for which you can find on the pages of our culinary site.