Jellied pie in a slow cooker with chicken and mushrooms

Among so many homemade baking recipes, jellied pies are in special honor for a family chef. And this is because it is not difficult to prepare them and the dough for such baking is kneaded in the simplest way, which has a more liquid consistency and is poured into a mold. And then, it's all a matter of technology, which will do everything for you. Soon, a delicious and appetizing baked jellied pie in a slow cooker will flaunt on the table.

The most delicious and beloved by all dough is prepared with kefir, the recipe of which you can find here. Well, if you wish, you can expand the list and add milk to the dough and make it more liquid.

The general principle and technology of making a jellied pie in a multicooker is very simple. It can be conditionally divided into three stages, the filling is prepared, the batter is kneaded and baked.

Jellied pie filling

Almost any product can be used as a pie filling. As always, meat products should be combined with vegetables, the more, the tastier. Let's take a look at a recipe for mushroom and chicken pie.

First of all, you need to boil the chicken meat, then chop into medium pieces, also mushrooms, chop the onion more finely, and chop the carrots into strips or grate.

Heat oil in a frying pan, put chopped vegetables, mushrooms and meat, fry for 2-8 minutes over low heat, until the carrots noticeably soften and the onions start juicing.

When the pie filling is done, season with black pepper and salt, stir and remove from the stove to cool the vegetable filling with chicken and mushrooms.

Pouring dough for cake

Next, we will prepare the dough for our homemade pie. More often it is kneaded on kefir, a pie with milk is no less tasty, or you can combine milk with kefir and other dairy products.

In a small deep bowl, according to the list of ingredients, beat in eggs and stir them with a pinch of salt.

Pour milk warmed to room temperature, add a little homemade sour cream and combine with egg mass.

In parts, sifting over a cup, add flour and soda, then use a spoon or mixer to knead the dough.

The result should be a batter with a uniform consistency. Cover and let sit for 2-10 minutes in a warm place.

The dough for the jellied pie should be even and moderately liquid. You should not put flour all at once and in large quantities. In different cases, the amount of flour may differ.

How to make a jellied pie in a multicooker

Heat the multicooker bowl and brush the bottom and bottom sides with a piece of butter.

Pour in exactly half of the prepared batter, top with the cooled filling.

It remains to pour the rest of the dough, trim, set the “Baking” mode in the multicooker, set the timer for 45 minutes, close the lid and start.

At the end of the time, remove the bowl, turn the cake over and put it back in the multicooker and bake for another 10 minutes with the lid closed.

On average, the time for baking a cake in a slow cooker is 60 minutes. It all depends on the power of the technique and the type of baking. Also, it should be noted that the dough with a denser consistency or in larger quantities is baked a little longer, the cooking time can be up to 1, 5 hours. It is best to cook the cake in a multicooker with double heating, in such an electrical appliance the baking time will be significantly reduced and there will be no need to turn the product over.