Semolina milk porridge with cookies

Are you still looking for the perfect recipe for semolina porridge with milk, the tastiest, sweetest and most delicate, with a smooth creamy consistency that your child would eat to the last spoon, without whims and tears? - It's very simple! Groats, milk and cookies are the secret of the most delicious porridge. The result is simply amazing, and it will be hard to believe that semolina can be so delicious!

Perhaps it seems to you that there is nothing easier than cooking semolina porridge with cookies, although there are subtleties and nuances here. How to cook semolina correctly, what tricks do you need to know so that no lumps form and baby milk porridge is perfect?

How to make semolina porridge

Crush the cookies in any convenient way. Prepare cereals, milk and be sure to rinse the pan with cold water.

Heat the milk, bring to a boil and add a pinch of salt, sugar and stirring continuously slowly, pour the semolina in portions into a boiling pan with milk.

Continuing to mix, add the cookies to the milk porridge and cook over medium heat until tender - 3-4 minutes, until a smooth, creamy consistency is formed.

Then turn off the stove, season with butter, stir thoroughly again and pour into plates.

Serve semolina porridge in milk with berries, decorate the dish beautifully and appetizingly so that it arouses delight and interest in the children, and having already matured, your child enthusiastically recalled his first milk porridge.

Baby milk porridge with rice

You already know how to cook delicious semolina porridge in milk, because it's not difficult. We offer another tasty and simple recipe for heroic food - rice porridge with milk, the same nutritious and obligatory for children's nutrition.