Oven baked fish with vegetables

Today we have on the menu fish with vegetables. And we will cook from river carp, which is a cultural form of carp, characterized by the absence of scales and a delicious sweet taste. Baked carp with vegetables is a great combination of products and a win-win option for a hearty family meal.

Carp can be cooked whole, as we did in previous recipes, but we will do it a little differently. To do this, prepare all the necessary products that you may need during the cooking process. Peel and rinse fish, vegetables, finely chop the dill.

Baked fish with vegetables recipe

Divide the peeled and dried carp into small slices, sprinkle the slices with salt, hot pepper and transfer to a pan with heated oil.

Fry the fish on each side for 2 minutes over high heat and transfer to a separate plate.

Further, in the same frying pan, lightly fry the onions cut into half rings.

Next, lay out sweet peppers, cut into thin strips, fry together with onions for another minute.

Add tomatoes divided into small wedges, tomato paste, chopped garlic, season and salt. Stir, cover with a lid and simmer for 10 minutes over low heat, until the tomatoes let juice out.

Put the contents of the frying pan with vegetable sauté in a deep heat-resistant dish and evenly place the fried carp pieces in oil on top.

We bake fish and vegetables in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes, until cooked.

Fish is, first of all, a tasty and low-calorie product that should be present in every diet, it has a high nutritional value and dietary properties. Baked carp with vegetables is a clear proof and the best example of a hearty and healthy meal for the whole family.