Pomegranate bracelet salad

We present to your attention the original salad "Pomegranate Bracelet" - one of the brightest and most memorable decorations of a festive feast. In reality, the dish looks very beautiful, dignified and solemn, and resembles an expensive female adornment made of numerous stones. Pomegranate bracelet - this is another variation of the popular flaky salad "Under a fur coat", only in a different guise, where the main components, besides meat and beets, are pomegranate grains.

Apart from pomegranate seeds, there is no single set of products. Here you can safely experiment, creating your own unique version of the dish to your taste. But one thing should be remembered that the main components of this salad, besides pomegranate, are meat, beets and mayonnaise.

How to Make Pomegranate Chicken Bracelet Salad - Recipe Step by Step

Boil hard-boiled eggs, potatoes in salted water, carrots and beets separately until cooked. Boil the breast in broth or in salted water with spices. Cool food and grate, and cut the meat into cubes.

In a small amount of vegetable oil, fry the onions, cut into small cubes until light golden brown. Drain the oil through a sieve and separate the onions.

Place a glass upside down in the center of a flat plate, and put boiled chicken meat in the first layer around the glass, lightly salt, sprinkle with black pepper and pour a thin layer of mayonnaise.

Put the grated carrots in the second layer, salt and pepper if necessary, cover the carrots with finely chopped nuts and pour a small amount of mayonnaise.

The next layer is potatoes. Salt again, season and pour over mayonnaise with mesh. In the process, the potatoes should be lightly tamped and given a semicircular shape from the edge to the glass.

Next, divide the beets into two parts, put one part of the beets on the salad, and on top the onions fried in oil, sprinkle with chopped nuts and grease with mayonnaise.

Gently, tamp the grated eggs, salt the eggs to taste and, if necessary, and refill the layered salad with mayonnaise.

Spread the second part of the beets over the salad. Be sure to grease generously with mayonnaise, pressing down with a spoon to give an aesthetic look and then, with a slight movement of your hand, remove the glass.

Well, the last, final stage is pomegranate seeds. Put the pomegranate in one layer and put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours or more, until the pomegranate bracelet salad is completely cooled and soaked.

Now you know how to properly and deliciously cook pomegranate chicken and beetroot bracelet salad. Following this recipe, chicken breast can be replaced with fish or sausages, and the list of vegetables and other ingredients can be expanded at your discretion.

Layered salad "Salmon under a fur coat"

While enjoying the taste and appearance, do not forget about the main purpose of this dish. Puff salads are a harbinger of a stormy party, which serve as a warm-up and snack, preparing our body for the main holiday dish.