How to make chicken rice soup

You can't imagine a simpler and tastier food. Today, once again we will cook the usual soup with rice and chicken, which belongs to the category of quickly prepared dietary meals and is recommended for everyone as often as possible. The dish, although simple, is tasty and satisfying, and this is the most important thing.

Chicken broth is known for its light and pleasant aftertaste and dietary properties. Cooking it is easy and not difficult. And instead of rice, you can add vermicelli or homemade homemade noodles.

To cook any soup, you need broth, in our case from chicken, so you should start with it.

Put the washed chicken meat in a saucepan, cover with cold water and cook over the fire.

After boiling water, remove the formed foam from the broth surface.

Add the head of peeled onions, bay leaves, black allspice and salt.

Cover the saucepan and continue simmering the chicken stock until the meat is tender.

While the chicken soup is being prepared, let's take up the rice and vegetables. Rinse the rice several times under running water. Drain the water.

Peel the potatoes, rinse and cut into small, moderately long cubes.

Finely dice the remaining onions.

Carrots are best grated on a coarse grater or simply cut into thin strips.

In a frying pan with heated oil, lightly fry the chopped carrots and onions, add black pepper, stir and continue cooking the vegetable sauté until the carrots and onions are softened.

By that time, the meat should be cooked, which must be removed from the broth, and also remove the onions, bay leaves and peppers. They have already managed to give their taste and aroma to the broth and are simply not needed in the future.

Put prepared potatoes in hot broth.

Next, add the previously cleaned and thoroughly washed rice.

Then transfer the prepared passivation and continue to cook the soup for 15-20 minutes over low heat.

At the end of cooking, add chopped fresh herbs, stir and bring to a light boil. Salt as needed.

Just a couple of minutes and rich chicken soup with rice is ready, you can serve it on the table.

A little time and attention, and a light nutritious broth from dietary poultry meat will warm and nourish the body with vitamins, making us strong and healthy. Be sure to tell how to make chicken rice soup and share the recipe with your friends.