Lush and delicious pancakes with banana and pineapple milk

For lovers of unusual dishes, we offer an unusual recipe for fluffy pancakes and delicious pancakes with tropical fruits. The dough for them is prepared on the basis of milk and chopped bananas, which is fried with thin pineapple slices. Banana pancakes with pineapple in milk - an original combination of products and a great option to refresh the menu and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

A simple and at the same time very tasty and original recipe for banana pancakes with pineapple will diversify your menu and such exotic fluffy pancakes will serve as an excellent breakfast and a wonderful dessert for tea.

How to make lush banana pancakes and delicious pancakes with banana milk and pineapple

Divide the bananas into small pieces and pre-mash with a fork.

Then transfer the tropical fruit to a food processor, pour in the milk, add salt and flour, and spin on a slow speed until smooth.

Heat a small amount of oil in a skillet and fry pineapple slices on each side for a short time - 2 minutes.

Cooked pancake dough in milk with bananas in a thin stream in the center of each pineapple.

Let the pancake batter drip over the pineapple and form a small circle, then turn over.

Fry the banana pancakes with pineapple in milk for 2-3 minutes over medium heat until golden brown.

Serve lush banana pancakes, delicious homemade pancakes with milk with tropical fruits and top with honey or crisp sour cream.