Homemade cottage cheese recipe

During the Soviet shortage, homemade dill cheese was very popular. Unlike store-bought hard cheeses, an analogue made with one's own hand at home turned out to be much tastier and much cheaper. The recipe for homemade cheese is quite simple and most importantly, such a product is completely natural and safe for health, because it does not contain vegetable fats, substitutes or any chemical additives.

To prepare homemade cottage cheese, you must be very careful about the choice of products. Cottage cheese and chicken eggs must be fresh. In addition, the taste and quality of cheese will directly depend on the taste and quality of the cottage cheese. You should use non-greasy rustic or any other homemade cottage cheese.

The basis of a flawless and delicious cheese is cottage cheese, which is best done by yourself and prepared at home from milk in the most usual way. You can find a detailed recipe for making cottage cheese here and learn how to make real homemade cheese from cottage cheese.

Step by step homemade cheese recipe

Pour 500 ml of boiled water into a saucepan. It is necessary to transfer cottage cheese into it and stir. A saucepan with cottage cheese must be put on medium heat. The water should boil. After that, the fire must be reduced to a minimum. The cottage cheese must be boiled for 3-5 minutes to get rid of the excess fat typical of village dairy products.

While the curd is boiling, you should prepare a container, a sieve, and a clean rag or gauze for expressing.

Place a sieve or colander of suitable diameter in a deep saucepan or bowl.

It must be covered with gauze folded in 2-3 layers or with a clean cloth.

Pour the contents of the pan with curd into a sieve. The liquid and most of the fat will be poured into a container under the sieve. This will be the whey you can use to make delicious pancakes.

The pan in which the curd was cooked must be washed immediately so that the remnants of the curd mass do not dry out.

There is no need to express serum for a long time. Transfer the wet curd to a heavy-bottomed saucepan.

To it you need to add an egg, butter, soda and salt.

Mix everything thoroughly.

It is necessary to cook homemade cheese with dill in a water bath, so you should pick up another pot with a larger diameter and pour 4-5 cm of water into it. As it warms up, the curd will begin to melt. It should become uniform, yellow and stringy. Stir the cheese continuously to ensure uniform heating. After 10-12 minutes, homemade cheese is ready.

It can be left as it is, but with herbs, the cheese will be even tastier. The dill must be washed, dried and finely chopped in advance. Pour prepared herbs into hot cheese and mix.

After that, the cottage cheese must be transferred to a suitable plastic container. It is very convenient to use a soft container for hot food.

The cheese should cool down. After that, it must be sealed and placed in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Ready-made homemade cheese with dill. It can be easily squeezed out of the container and stored like regular cheese for up to 10 days.

Homemade cheese with herbs turns out to be quite hard, and tastes like processed cheese. The aroma and taste of fresh dill give it a special piquancy.