Preparations for the winter: Korean-style fresh tomatoes in jars

Tomatoes are a healthy product in any form, from fresh to juice and pickled dishes. We will tell you how to quickly and deliciously make Korean-style tomatoes for the winter at home, which are superior in taste to the options purchased on the market. In this article, you will find information on how to make Korean tomato salad step by step at home and what you need to do.

We will cook two salads in one - Korean style tomatoes with carrots. The dish turns out delicious, you will lick your fingers. This is the simplest and most delicious recipe for making a spicy Korean snack from ripe tomatoes, which can be consumed in a few hours, or you can prepare it for the winter.

How to make Korean tomato salad

We clean the pepper from the insides and stalks, cut into several parts, preferably in half. We clean the garlic cloves.

Twist hot and sweet peppers, as well as garlic in a meat grinder or with a blender.

On a special grater for making chim-chi, three carrots, finely chop the washed greens with a knife. We put it in a deep dish.

Add the mass scrolled on a blender, salt, sugar and vegetable oil. Mix thoroughly with a spatula or spoon all the ingredients and pour in vinegar.

Harvesting Korean-style tomatoes for the winter in jars: put the food in the jar in layers: first tomatoes (cherry and small tomatoes whole, large halves), then pickled vegetable mixture.

Tip! The filling process can be started with the addition of the carrot and pepper salad.

We alternate layers 2-3 times until the jar is completely filled "under the very neck". Pour the Korean salad dressing to the brim. It doesn’t matter if the mass starts to flow down the jar, it can be wiped off.

We shake the jars of tomatoes several times, wipe the glass with a clean napkin and close with screw or seaming lids. We set to sterilize - 10 minutes, until the water boils.

At the end of sterilization, we check the lids for leaks, turn the cans upside down, wrap them with a towel, and let them cool completely in this position.

After they have cooled completely, they should be removed to the closet or cellar for storage. It is necessary to store Korean-style tomatoes in jars in their usual form, with the lid up. Such preservation is well stored throughout the winter if sudden temperature changes are avoided.

As you can see, the recipe for tasty Korean tomatoes for storage is quite simple and quick. Everyone can cook spicy Korean-style tomatoes in jars for the winter.

Hints and tips for recipe:

For conservation and preparation for future use, it is advisable to use two or three liter containers.

If you plan not to store tasty and aromatic tomatoes for a long time, you can use jars with screw caps.

Sterilize all containers and lids before use.

Attention! If you are harvesting Korean-style tomatoes for the winter in jars with screw lids, then placing them upside down in the refrigerator is best to place something under the containers or place plates under them, as the juice may leak slightly.

The Korean tomato is over. After 12 hours from the time of marinating the dish in the refrigerator, you can eat delicious aromatic vegetables.

    Korean style tomatoes can be served:

  • as a separate dish with white or black bread;
  • as a side dish for fish or absolutely any meat (in this case, you can supplement with onion slices);
  • can be added to various salads.