Chicken salad with corn and cucumber

This dish will be an excellent decoration for a festive feast. We will cook it in the shape of a circle and decorate it very simply - with pickled cucumbers, cut into thin strips. This makes the Canned Corn Chicken Salad very much like a Christmas wreath of spruce twigs.

In addition, the recipe for the New Year's salad can be slightly changed, the ingredients expanded and fresh herbs can be added to the festive meal; for example, dill is ideal. Its thin leaves are so similar to spruce needles.

New Year's puff chicken salad turns out to be not only original in appearance, but also very tasty. The sourness of pickled cucumbers refreshes the whole dish.

Simple Holiday Chicken, Egg, Cucumber and Corn Salad

Let's start with the chicken. We wash the fillet, cut into small pieces. We transfer them to the pan. Fry for 10 minutes. During this time, the chicken should be completely fried.

We will collect the salad on a flat dish in the form of a round ring. To do this, place an inverted bowl or a small round salad bowl in the center of a flat plate. This trick will help you collect all the ingredients in layers and shape them without much effort.

With the first layer, lay out the fried chicken meat around the bowl. Distribute the pieces evenly. Pour mayonnaise on them through a small hole in the package.

With the second layer, lay the chopped yolks of boiled chicken eggs on top of the breast.

Next, fill it with a little mayonnaise.

Spread canned sweet corn on the next layer.

Sprinkle again with mayonnaise and sprinkle the chicken salad with corn with chopped egg whites.

A little more mayonnaise and put the pickled cucumbers across, as shown in the photo, pre-cut into thin and long strips.

It remains to grind the cucumbers with cheese shavings and, in some places on the ring, you can squeeze drops of mayonnaise out of the tube.

Carefully lift the inverted bowl: we do this so that the layers of the dish do not move out of their place so that the center remains clean, and the festive chicken salad itself takes on a neat ring shape.

We wish you a fun and tasty New Year's Eve, a stormy feast, good health and the fulfillment of all desires!