Classic beef stroganoff

Despite the originality of the dish, the beef stroganoff recipe itself is quite simple. Stroganoff beef - a famous Russian dish, prepared from thinly sliced ​​slices of meat, which are initially fried in oil, then stewed and poured with sour cream sauce. Agree, the process is not difficult, but the result does not leave anyone indifferent.

Cooking such a dish does not take much time. The simplicity of the recipe is a pleasant surprise. The enchanting delicate taste and aroma of beef stew with sour cream will win the hearts of all those who try this delicious dish.

Rinse the meat and dry it beforehand. Remove all kinds of veins and films from it. Cut into thin and rectangular pieces no more than 1 cm thick.

Cover the pieces of meat with cling film, lightly beat with a wooden mallet and then cut into thin slices across the fibers.

Transfer the chopped pieces of beef to a deep bowl, salt to taste, add black pepper and a little lemon zest. Stir and leave in a warm place for 30 minutes.

Melt the butter in a skillet, pour in the olive, heat and add the marinated meat slices. All the time, stirring, fry the beef over medium heat until half cooked.

Peel the onions, preferably red, cut into small cubes and finely chop a couple of garlic cloves.

Once the beef is lightly browned and discolored, add the chopped onion and chopped garlic.

Stir well and continue frying until the onion softens noticeably. Then, pour in white wine or boiled water and continue cooking over medium heat until some of the liquid has absorbed the meat, and the rest has evaporated.

Add sour cream, stir, reduce heat, cover the pan and simmer for another 15-20 minutes.

Serve beef stroganoff sprinkled with fresh herbs, and with a side dish, you can fry or bake in the oven potatoes, boil rice or pasta.

Anyone can prepare an easy and simple version of a restaurant dish at home. Meat sauce will be a great addition to any side dish for an everyday lunch or for a festive dinner. Your food will be even tastier with it!