How to make satsebeli sauce for the winter

How many different sweet, spicy, hot sauces have come to us from Georgia. And one of the most beloved is satsebeli. There is no single recipe for making satsebeli. In Georgia, walnuts, grapes, pomegranate juice, apples are used. Herbs and spices are added to taste, depending on whether the sauce is hot or sweet. Garlic, cilantro or coriander are a must. And Russian chefs take ripe tomatoes or high-quality tomato paste and bell peppers as the basis of the sauce. The rest of the ingredients are added based on their taste preferences.

Make homemade satsebeli sauce. And in the long winter you can easily decorate any dish, whether it be baked meat in the oven, fried potatoes in a pan or just boiled pasta with this incredibly bright sauce.

Take ripe tomatoes as the base of the sauce. Rinse them thoroughly.

Scroll the tomatoes in a meat grinder.

Pour the tomato mixture into a cauldron or pan with a multi-layered thick bottom. Put the cauldron on fire.

Rinse the bell pepper and cut in half. Remove seeds.

Grind the bell peppers with a meat grinder.

Transfer it to a cauldron for tomatoes. Continue simmering vegetables over low heat.

Wash with a large bunch of parsley and hot peppers. Remove the seeds from the pepper. Cilantro can be used instead of parsley.

Pass the parsley and pepper through a meat grinder.

Place the parsley and hot pepper in the cauldron. Continue boiling the sauce.

When the tomato mass has noticeably decreased in volume, the sauce is almost ready. For a "velvety" and uniform consistency, rub it through a metal sieve.

Prepare spices: take coriander seeds, peel a few cloves of garlic, chop the washed basil leaves.

Pass the garlic through the garlic press and add salt.

Send all the spices to the cauldron with the cooking sauce.

Add sugar and cook for another 10 minutes.

Pour the prepared homemade Satsebeli sauce into clean, sterilized bottles, screw the lids and place under a warm blanket, leave them there to cool slowly. Store this workpiece in a cool place or in the refrigerator.

This Satsebeli recipe does not pretend to be original, but, nevertheless, its taste is ideal, which will definitely appeal to many.