How to cook kharcho soup with chicken

With the advent of cold weather, I really want to eat warming, warm food. At this time, it's time to cook spicy dishes. One of these recipes is kharcho soup, incredibly fragrant, rich, spicy, in general, everything is in the best traditions of Georgian cuisine, only with the addition of chicken. This does not make it less tasty, but it takes half the time to cook.

Output - 4 portions, Cooking time - 40 minutes.

Rice soup with chicken turns out to be very thick and satisfying, and will definitely warm you in the winter cold. The dish is prepared quickly enough, using a large amount of spices.

How to cook kharcho soup - a step by step recipe with a photo

First of all, we set to boil chicken meat, I cooked it with a chicken leg, but you can also use chicken fillet or just chicken drumsticks. Pour water into a bowl, add the chicken leg and cook for 20 minutes.

To make the broth transparent, be sure to remove all the foam from the soup.

We wash the rice until clear water.

Add the washed rice to the boiling broth.

Peel the onions and carrots, rinse and chop arbitrarily. In my case, I cut the onion into small cubes, and used frozen carrots, cut into slices.

Put the carrots and onions in the pan, mix everything.

Cut the garlic and pepper into small pieces.

Add pepper and garlic to the dressing, mix and fry everything until golden brown.

Add adjika, if not, use tkemali sauce.

Add the finished dressing to the soup, mix and boil for 5 minutes after it boils.

Salt the soup, pepper and season with spices.

The chicken can be cut into small pieces if desired.

Chop parsley and garlic and combine. This should be added in portions.

Pour the finished kharcho soup into plates and season with parsley.

The dish turns out to be of a beautiful bright color, is eaten immediately and without a trace. Such food is very relevant in the winter season.