Assorted Peppers - Step by Step Recipe

An assortment of sweet peppers is a simple and inexpensive preparation for the winter, which will be an excellent appetizer with a pleasant aftertaste, and also serve as an addition to many dishes. Canned vegetables are the best and surest way to store essential foods for later use in the cold season.

Canned bell peppers are an excellent winter warming snack with a sweet and aromatic flavor. Cooking it is not at all difficult, the recipe is very simple, and you will see of this now.

Prepare the vegetables in advance, rinse and let the moisture sit.

Remove the stalks and peel the seeds, divide the peppers into 2-4 parts, depending on their size.

Place vegetables in sterilized jars and add 2 cloves buds, 1 bay leaf, and peas of spicy peppers to each container.

Pour everything with hot marinade, let it brew for 2-3 minutes, and then drain the water into a saucepan, boil and refill the liquid into the jars. Add 1 spoonful of vinegar each and screw tightly.

Turn the blank of peppers over, cover tightly and leave for sterilization itself until it cools completely - this is about 8-12 hours.